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Digital Solution Department


Digital Solutions Division

​An introduction to business Instagram strategies that you can learn from the basics


For those who want to utilize the free SNS marketing tool "Instagram" for business,

Half-day complete Instagram business overview seminar for those who are busy every day and want to learn at once.

From the way of thinking necessary to attract people such as customer acquisition and recruitment in the modern SNS era

We use case studies to convey specific know-how and techniques.

○ What are the functions and usage of Instagram that is constantly updated?

○ What is the latest trend of Instagram and the way of thinking of business that suits the times?

○ What is the essence of attracting customers to gather people and sell things on Instagram?

○ How to sell, sell, hire, and brand your company on Instagram?

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・ Those who want to start sales promotion activities using Instagram

・ Those who are conducting sales promotion activities using Instagram but are not effective

・ Those who want to utilize Instagram not only for attracting customers but also for corporate branding


Branding strategy consulting

For a company, branding is the key to how it can convey its value and appeal to customers and how it can be differentiated from its competitors.

Our branding consulting service contributes to the improvement of client's corporate and brand value through research, strategy / concept planning and direction proposal, and regular advisory service.

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