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Green Department


Green Division

Eco Sustainable that everyone can start today.


Did you know that we swallow 5 grams of tiny pieces of plastic for a credit card each week, on average 1769 from drinking water and 182 from shellfish?


Sustainable. (Commonly known as Sdot) is a casual eco-friendly product that anyone can start today through the reduction of disposable plastics, which are said to have an adverse effect on the human body when ingested by humans as well as the environment, and daily necessities. It is a platform that supports the realization of the above and works to popularize sustainable lifestyles.


A community that thinks about environmental issues and social contributions through fun events and seminars such as beach cleanup and beeswax wrap workshops

We also operate ". comm".

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Sustainable. B2B service

1. Wholesale

We sell at a special wholesale price to corporations who wish to handle our EC listed products.

2. OEM production

With OEM production of original products with our own logo and novelty products

We support the improvement of corporate image and branding.

3. Listing your product on Sustainable.

We support the creation of opportunities for more people to recognize your products for individual and corporate customers who are highly interested in sustainability, ethical, environmental issues and social contributions, which are the target groups of Sustainable.


Please feel free to contact us from the following for details on listing your products in wholesale, OEM, and Sustainable.

OEM production example: adam et rope'

30th anniversary original products / novelty products

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